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I LOVE having chromebooks in a business environment. It drives security vendors crazy.

I've got around 700 chromebooks and 300 PCs in my environment (not a school) and I love it when security vendors come in and try to pitch their products to us. They will start by saying how incredibly important it is that ALL of our endpoints have endpoint protection on them.

They'll yammer on and on about how we're risking so much if we don't have endpoint protection. And guess what….their endpoint protection product is the BEST.

Then I'll mention how the majority of our endpoints are chromebooks. They never know what to say to that. Most have never even heard of chromebooks and will try to ask if they run windows. Eventually they'll splutter around a little bit and try to say we still need their endpoint protection product on each chromebook. "Does your package support chrome OS?" I'll say.

"Well, no. we don't. But I bet we can put in a request for development to start supporting them"

"Sure pal. Just call me when that's ready and we can talk again"

Call me a sadist, but I love to watch overconfident salesmen squirm.

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