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I recreated Lively Wallpaper for Chrome OS

For the past few days I've been working on this little project to port/demake Lively Wallpaper but for Chrome OS. Well now the project is basically complete, and I was able to get regular live wallpapers and interactive/dynamic ones working too.

It works pretty similarly to the actual Lively Wallpaper. A window containing a non-interactable YouTube embed is placed behind everything in full screen, and your apps overlay it. As for interactive wallpapers, those are just web pages that run off something like WebGL, javascript. So at first I just tested it out with a basic interface I made in like 5 min, then created a GUI in Google Sites and exported as HTML, modified the exported HTML, added a PWA manifest, and done. In the future I do plan to add more wallpapers, so suggest some in the comments.

To install/use it, go to the link below, go to the Chrome menu (3 dots in the corner), click More tools, and click Create shortcut. Then make sure to enable "Open as window", then click create. Now click on a wallpaper, press the fullscreen button on your keyboard, and you're done. You can move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to access your taskbar and to switch to your other apps. When an app is overlaying Lively, it won't autohide but when you click on the wallpaper, it will switch to Lively and hide the taskbar.

Link to the site to install the PWA.

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