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If You Want Help With Your Chromebook On This Sub-Reddit, PLEASE Tell Us Which Chromebook You Are Using In Your Post

There are a lot of people on this subreddit that post about issues/problems that they've have been with their Chromebook. I have no issue with this in of itself and am relatively impressed with how responsive and helpful this sub-reddit can be at times. What I find annoying is that the people posting these problems often seem to fail to mention which particular Chromebook they are using.

Knowing which Chromebook is experiencing the issue can help the community narrow down on what the problem may be and also gives opportunity for the other owners of the same Chromebook to share whether they too are experiencing this issue. It's a simple step that can help the community help you with a problem. Unfortunately, people don't seem to get this and, as a result, one of the first comments responding to a troubleshooting post ends up being "What Chromebook are you using?".

It's really not that hard to do. So, the next time you ask about an issue or want a fix to a problem with your Chromebook, PLEASE start off your post by telling us which Chromebook you own and, if possible or applicable, tell us which version of Chrome OS you are currently running on it. It'll be beneficial for all of us.

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