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Impossible to get rid of URL autofill/prediction in address bar!

I've tried every guide on the intrawebz. But no matter the method, I simply cannot disable/undo/remove forever the annoying autofill/prediction service that suggests URL's when I begin typing any given search/url in the Chrome URL address bar.

I tend to do all of my searches from the Chrome URL/address bar; I do not actually go to the google home page and search from there. I find this very handy. But I can't stand beginning to type in a URL and then have a handful of other URL's suggested beneath the address bar (you know, my trips to neighborhood bath house sites, online pharmacies and the like LOL) … I share my computer with others and would prefer that my personal browsing suggestions not be displayed to anyone using my computer.

So how the hell does one disable that annoying address bar URL suggestions feature?

  1. I've tried the <SHIFT-DEL> method and this doesn't work or delete anything
  2. I've also tried simply clicking the [x] at the far right of any given, suggested URL that drops down and this works but not all of the suggestions have an [x] to delete them with so how to get rid of those?
  3. I have tried to locate the "Use Prediction Services" in settings to disable it there but that doesn't seem to be included in settings any more.


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