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Inconsistent subpixel antialiasing is making my eyes hurt

Inconsistent subpixel antialiasing is making my eyes hurt

I have started to feel extreme eye fatigue while using my computer and for the longest time i couldn't quite put my finger on what actually causes it, sometimes it doesn't happen quite as fast. Until recently where i noticed that if i spend my day in my terminal (where antialiasing is working properly) my eyes doesn't get tired that much. Long story short, chromeium based browsers have grayscale antialiasing mixed with subpixel antialiasing, websites like twitter and 75% of youtube have thin, faint and harder to read text

Here's a photo showing inconsistent antialiasing on the same row from youtube

Notice how only the video on the far left has SAA only for its title and view count, the rest is grayscale AA

This problem is extremely apparent and more serious on LoDPI screen, as monitors with higher PPI work fine with grayscale antialiasing

Bug I filed few days ago:

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