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Initial impressions with the Lenovo Duet 5

I recently purchased the Lenovo Duet 5 (8GB/128GB version) from Best Buy. I previously had the original Duet, but I haven't been using it because I found it too low powered even for my basic tasks. The Duet 5 seemed like a good upgrade for the price. I haven't seen many reviews with the retail unit, so I figured I would share a few initial thoughts.


The display is really gorgeous. The colors are vibrant, seems to be pretty bright. I have an iPad Air (latest gen) with LED, and it's clearly more vibrant, higher max brightness, and darker blacks.

I didn't get the device for the OLED, but it's definitely a nice to have and seems to be a pretty good deal for the price.


The keyboard is now bigger and full sized. It also has more travel, so it makes typing on it better. It's not as nice as actual laptop keyboard, but I could see myself doing a full day's work on it. It's a dark blue color, which I kinda like. It's understated, but not the same old black.


The kickstand now uses the full bottom half. On the original Duet, the kickstand was only a sliver of the back, so the back was always fully covered. The new kickstand exposes the bottom half of the device when in use. It also has a raised hinge, so when the device is on a flat surface it does wobble if you try to use.

The kickstand seems to come off easier when the kickstand is in use. It makes sense without the full back cover always attached now. I never accidentally took off the back cover on the original Duet, but I've already done it twice as I moved the device around in the few hours I've had this device.


The front camera seems to be improved over the original Duet. The quality is maybe slightly better than my 2017 MacBook Pro (low bar), but nothing amazing. I found the original Duet a bit too low quality to want to use in any work video calls. However, I don't have any reservations about using the Duet 5 for some work calls when I want to leave my work laptop behind.

I haven't tried to use the rear camera, but I don't really think most people will be using the device for the rear camera.

Performance & Battery

I haven't used the Duet 5 too much, but it seems to be snappier than the original Duet. Videos were able to play without stuttering and could keep up with multiple tabs and apps open. I'll probably run a few benchmarks and update with results.

I haven't used the device enough to really test the battery life, but in the few hours of usage I'm only down to 84%. Hopefully the battery life is comparable to the original Duet, which I found to be pretty good.

Let me know if you have any questions about the device. I plan to put it through the paces in the next few days.

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