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Is the Chromebook right for me and my specific uses?

Hi there,

My company is looking to supply laptops to new hires. These laptops can be basic – they will be used for web browsing, email, web apps, etc. Simple office type work but basically everything has a web app version nowadays. We will also be sending a keyboard/mouse combo and an HDMI monitor.

My budget is $400 max – does this seem like something my company should use Chromebooks for? There is no system/server to sign into – everything is done via web accounts and web apps.

I was looking for Windows laptops but it seems that the price range is too low for a good one. I do not want to buy a slow, sluggish new laptop just because it has Windows. If the Chromebook can do everything we need then I will definitely go with that.

Does a new Chromebook at or under $400 make more sense than a new/used Windows machine at the same price, given what people will be using it for?

Thanks in advance!

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