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Issues with Chrome on new PC, looking for help

Just got a new prebuilt PC, fresh install, have used this computer for about 6 hours since install. Chrome is not working properly. I am unable to log into most things, getting a blank screen on the log in pages. When I do google searches, the drop down menus in 'People are also saying' won't function. Most pictures do not load either.

Some searches advised me to go into chrome://flags and turn off a javascript flag, and I seemed to have made it worse – now when I try to go into settings, I receive an STATUS_BREAKPOINT error and I no longer have access to settings.

It seems to be a chrome issue as these things work OK in firefox. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not solve the issue.

Is there a way to maybe reset Chrome to default settings without going into the settings screen?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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