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Just bought a Pixelbook Go, thoughts…

So I've been using and enjoying the original 10" Duet, love the portability and simplicity of ChromeOS, but I've been looking for an upgrade with a larger screen and not ARM. I finally caved and picked up a Pixelbook Go from Best Buy, it's the base model Core m3.

My thoughts are:

  • The form factor is enchanting, incredibly thin and nearly the same weight as my Duet.
  • The keyboard is everything people said it was, a fantastic experience.
  • Best Buy had a ton of floor model Chromebooks out to test, all the currently popular stuff from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, etc. I went through and used each one, but none of them felt particularly inviting after I tried them and I felt disappointed that I'd over hyped myself be reading so much about them. When I got to the Pixelbook Go I was blown out of the water by how much it outclassed the chromebooks I'd tried.

Despite all of the above, I'm thinking of returning it to Best Buy before my 15 day return window is up.


  • Just before bed I usually surf my Duet on my lap. With the Pixelbook Go I noticed it got extremely hot and the performance went through the floor. I bought the Core m3 because it was reported to not run as hot as the faster models. Even with just one window open on a desk it's beginning to warm.
  • I'm also thinking that something from the Surface line might be more what I'm looking for at the moment, then I'll reevaluate buying a higher end Chromebook when Google starts releasing their Tensor-based chromebooks next year.

Have others had this amount of warming on their Pixelbook Go, any methods to solve it? I remember reading a few places that there are some settings that can be changed to help.

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