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Just got in the C13 Thinkpad Yoga Ryzen 7 1st day impressions

I'm up in Canada & Lenovo had a sale going on so I've eyeing the C13 CB. Then rakuten suddenly popped a 15% cashback on Lenovo & the C13 Ryzen 7 16gb 256 with the standard HD IPS 300nits display (4k Oled is no longer) can be had for usd$550 after rakuten & codes. After hummin' hawin' for a few days & being that its an easy return otherwise, I finally dropped the hammer on it.

It finally arrived today & I've been playing with it for the entire evening (much to the chagrin of the SO). Every comment I make is based on my experiences with a 5yr old Asus C302 (m3 4gb) & 3yr old HP x360 14 (i3 8gb). Let me start with the negs…


  1. rig isn't as fast as I imagined being that its ryzen 7 16gb & all but still faster than I've experienced. Videos & images seems to load & pop faster than the HP by significant margin (est 30-40%)
  2. touchpad is small though it works well (about equal to the C302 but not as good as the HP)
  3. speakers are tinny & sounds like trash (my Poco F3 phone is multiXs better) but I already knew this & have decent bt headphones for music plus a Aftershokz Aeropex bone induction headset for everything else. I already do this with my other CBs so no surprise here.
  4. a bit heavier than the C302 (12.5") but lighter than the HP (14")
  5. battery life is worse than HP (still >10hrs after 3yrs) but I'm still est 7-8hrs at least.
  6. stylus has some lag but acceptable for my usage so not good for artists & the like but then, they would't be looking at CBs to start with.
  7. still on OS 91.x.xxxx.167 official stable. HP & Asus are on 92.xxxxxx so I'm sure there's further optimization to be had for any fw issues


  1. practically everything else
  2. build is tops. Exudes premium quality every where
  3. although display is only HD, the image & color is best vis a vis the other 2 in my quiver. Though not blindingly bright, its bright enough & watching movies is a good experience
  4. keyboard is best I've ever used. I assume the trackpoint (or nub/nipple) is good as well but I'm not a fan to begin with
  5. fingerprint sensor works awesome. worldview cam is acceptable for scanning & doing the quick n dirty
  6. 16gb ram is worth the money. No issues with 30-40 open tabs plus a torrent dl via android app plus YT vid playing plus simultaneously casting a movie to my Nvidia Shield TV. Awesome!!!
  7. amazing plethora of I/O. No complaints here

So far, I have not encountered the lagging stuttering & otherwise OS issues mentioned by early adopters. I know its early days but so far, I like it! Best CB I've ever owned &or used. If anyone has any tests they'd like me to do, bring it up. I'll try to accommodate…

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