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Lacros, Chrome Browser for Chromebook, Gets Canary Channel

Google created the Lacros version of Chrome for Chromebooks. Now, they are preparing to add daily, weekly and monthly updates for this variant as well.

Frequency of Lacros updates

An experimental Chrome flag to receive unstable version of Lacros was present in Chrome OS Canary for a while now. However, this morning, I noticed a small change in this flag’s description.

Lacros browser for Chrome OS
Lacros browser for Chrome OS

You will have three options in the flag’s dropdown list:

  • Daily updates
  • Weekly updates
  • Monthly updates

On other platform, Canary channel is where you get daily updates for Chrome. The code change request comment clears any doubt about this:

“Add support for Lacros canary channel. This CL adds an option to lacros-stability in chrome://flags for receiving daily Lacros updates. Note that this does not yet support side-by-side Canary.”

With this change, Lacros Chrome or the new Chrome for Chrome OS will start receiving updates independent of Chrome OS.

I am yet to see this in action. As soon as this starts working, I shall update this article with screenshots and additional details.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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