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Lacros is Set to Become the Primary Cell phone browser on Chromebooks

Lacros, the Cpanel version of Chrome created for Chrome OS is set to become the primary browser on your Chromebook.

Lacros as the primary visitor

Chrome comes built-into Firefox OS. Well, Chrome IOS was just the Chrome cell phone in the early days. Recently, Search for started working on a new separate version of Chrome when it comes to Chrome OS.

To make this happen, Search took Chrome for Cpanel and modified it in addition to created a Chrome version to find Chrome OS. They call up this Lacros.

Lacros browser for Chrome OS
Lacros browser for Chrome OS

So , how does this kind of help users?

When Chrome is built-into Chrome OPERATING-SYSTEM, you will stop receving Chrome updates, leaving your web browser and thereby your Chromebook insecure.

Now, think what are the results if Chrome was just another app on your Chrome OS? You could receive updates even though your Chromebook reaches end associated with life appropriate?

This will change the way you use your Chromebook .

Are we there yet?

This morning I recently came across a new Chrome OS banner to test Lacros as your primary browser:

Lacros as the primary browser : Use Lacros-chrome as the most important web browser on Chrome OS. This flag is forgotten if Lacros support is usually disabled. ”

As the flag name and description suggest, you will soon be able to make Lacros your primary browser on the Chromebook.

It might take a few more days and nights for this flag to terrain in the Canary channel of Chrome OS where We are able to test this. We shall update this article the moment I get to do this.

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts in the commentary section below. Do you have an existing Chromebook that you will be able to make use of again because of this Chromebook?

Origin: Chrome Gerrit .

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