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Lenovo duet 5 Chromebook can be a Android tablet alternative ?

Hi ☺️👋 I'm interested to buy a Android tablet for multimedia, web , cloud gaming and a bit of text/image threatment (like take speed notes).

I buy only a OLED/AMOLED model with a good update support.

I see Samsung model but they are overpriced ( > 600€) and/or without OLED/AMOLED screen and support is "only" 3 years.

Lenovo make Android tablet too but support is just a mess (only one big Android update).

But Lenovo present Duet 5 Chromebook, it's really interesting for me : – Qualcomm 7c, can perform like the 730 in the paper (ok for my usage) and good Android app compatibility – OLED screen -^ – Probably under 600€ in EU – Chrome OS (i love Google interface, I have a Google pixel 5) with 8 years of support – It's a real tablet and not just 2-in-1

I just test Chrome os with Neverware work on a VM and interface seem very good for my.

You think it's a good choice or it's better to go on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E ?

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