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Lenovo Duet Review in 2022 / new to chromebooks.

Hello Everyone !

After looking after a pixelbook/ pixelbook GO, i decided myself for a Lenovo duet that i found totally new for 100$. Here is what i think about it after a few days of use.

My goals using this device : browsing / mailing / instant messenging / cloud gaming ( Xbox Cloud ) / Linux Sysadmin / taking notes. Overall the main idea is to have a tiny "can do everything" in my bag, not fully being a tablet ( limitated for multitasking, i have also an IPAD 8 and it's crap ), not fully being a full laptop but close.

I'm a daily user of a macbook pro for work + personal iphone and ipad.

Pro :

– Totally in love with the concept, i have been using it to watch videos, and online courses, as well as managing distant Linux servers when plugged on an external screen, chatting. Well it does the job of being the all in one perfectly, in term of function.

– Device well built and not feeling cheap at all, quite light, it's nice to have the keyboard included as well as the back cover that works fine.

– ChromeOS rocks, seriously for my use. I'm not burdened by all the OSX/WIN possibilities, and i can do quite everything i need with the essential functions. And it works well. Multitasking is great.

– The screen is totally fine.

– Used it for 13 hours without having to recharge !

Cons :

– Major issue : Seriously, this device deserve a way better CPU and 4 additional G of ram. I know it keeps the price down the way it's made now but i feel like i can't fully use the multitasking potential of ChromeOS

– Minor point : sometimes quitte buggy. Not in a way that is bothering much, but coming from apple devices it's quite new.

– Minor point : The keyboard, with by big hand is usable but is not great at all, feeling and size, i ended plugging an external keyboard to the USBC port for real typing. That's not a major issue.

– Minor point : the sound is just ok. Again, it's not that bad and if needed, an external BT speaker will do the job. I have been using a BT headset with it.

– Minor point : Android compatibily of the apps is limited also. When you get that running everything in a browser is the way to go, it's fine.

Where i'm heading :

Totally enthousiastic with the device and the OS. I see how i can survive the limitations of the hardware specs, and if it become a real daily companion i should maybe consider reselling it and get something with the same utility and flexibility but way more powerful…

But i don't see what. The duet 5 does not seem way better in term of hardware as is the new duet 3 coming soon.

Just give me the same device, maybe with a little bigger screen if it's needed ( 12 inch maximum ) and a damn Ryzen processor and i'll probably pay the full price.

Feel free

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