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Login Password – Security

I'm new to ChromeOS and very pleasantly surprised at how capable it is after years on Windows and macOS. The only issue with it I've found is around security.

To log into a Chromebook, you use your Gmail/Google password. Because I use password manager, mine is extremely long and very complex – 20+ random characters. Until now, that hasn't ever been a problem. (Legit have no idea what my Google password is – I just look it up in my password manager. I've always done it this way.)

To unlock my Chromebook on a regular basis, I feel like I have to shorten my password and make it more practical to type and remember.

What's the best way to balance security/convenience? The answer is probably 2-factor authentication, which I've resisted with Google because the setup process seemed ridiculously complex when I looked into it a couple of years ago.

Any ideas?

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