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Fine – This subreddit’s extra inactive.

Hi, on this page I' m going to nitpick about this sub, not requiring help with Google Chrome.

We' lso are all here for Google Chrome, each world' s most exercised internet browser. There are absolutely Quite a few content, extensions, themes, etc . for Chrome. Sometimes some of us don' t like the young tab position, sometimes Firefox just doesn' t amenable at all, sometimes it crashes. We wish help from each other. That' s why we' maest? using this subreddit.

But , a problem arises. Subreddit' lenses not active. The most upvoted post in here has 968 upvotes and it was updated 7 YEARS AGO. Yeah. The month of january 1st, 2014. Let' states look at recent posts. Classy have merely 1 upvote. They don' t produce any comments too. Everyone' s asking for help, individuals of them don' t perhaps get an answer.

What about all the moderation team? Just 0 mod. And they' sovrano using Firefox instead of Internet explorer. Now I' m and never complaining about their choice of internet browser, but isn' t this situation weird that they' lso are telling they use Firefox as an alternative for Chrome? In r/chrome subreddit?

It' s just plain seasonal affective disorder that this subreddit about the world' s most popular web browser around town inactive. I hope this post obtains attention in this sub and as well as someone will try to help. Continuously, I' m going to applications this sub in r/redditrequest to take ownership from the most current admin.

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