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My All Time Favourite Extensions for Google Chrome

These are the extensions I like the most:

F.B.(FluffBusting)Purity – best extension to clean up and declutter facebook

I don't care about cookies – removes those annoying allow cookie popups on every website

iCloud Passwords – fill in icloud passwords in Windows

Inbox When Ready for Gmailâ„¢ – stop wasting your time on Gmail

Just Read – an awesome extension to make websites more readable

News Feed Eradicator – Eradicates social media feeds to stop you from wasting your time

Privacy Badger – blocks invisible trackers

Quora Unblocker – removes the login requirement on Quora

Return YouTube Dislike – returns dislike on youtube

SponsorBlock for YouTube– automatically skips sponsors in youtube videos

Tampermonkey– you can install useful scripts (this for example replaces the default html5 player with an actually usable one:

uBlock Origin – an efficient adblocker, that can also block anti-adblockers – unlike Adblock Plus

Unhook – remove recommendations and other parts of Youtube to declutter it and stop you from wasting your timeThat's it! Please suggest some more if you know something good!

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