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Need some help with a decision


I currently own a Samsung Chromebook Pro, and have loved ever since I first purchased it. I like the form factor of the device and the features, and ChromeOS. Earlier this year, I was in need of a tablet to use as an e-reader for manga and such, and I knew that updates for the Pro are going to stop. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet seemed like the perfect device for that, and updates continue for awhile still, but I had heard it could be a bit slow. I have some experience with Android tablets, and am currently debating on whether to keep or sell my Duet to get the Tab S6 Lite. So, I have owned both a ChromeOS, and Android tablet, and it makes me wonder, other than a Chromebook being able to run full Chrome, what really is the difference between a Chromebook and Android tablet. Especially the later ones like the S6 Lite. The Galaxy tablets seem snappier than my Duet, they have more ports, and the pen is garaged. Is there anything else I am missing? Can I get an S6 Lite to run a full Chrome browser? What is Chromium? Can I be productive without ChromeOS? Basically, what can a Chromebook do that a higher-end Android tablet cannot?

Any tips and advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!

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