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Netflix kinda sorta integrates your directory into your Chromecast from Google TV again

For a while right away, any time Netflix is an option for streaming a movie or a Tv series via your Chromecast equipped with Google TV’s built-in directory is important, it has failed to appear in checklist of choices. This is due to Netflix itself previously deciding that most none of its content may be accessible any way except by – directly launching its iphone app. An odd choice since the little} collaborated directly with Search engines on integrating its options into the device UI and allowing Google to place a ‘Netflix’ button on have any hardware remote.

Now, so long as a user included Netflix to their list of affixed services via the settings square, the option for launching a movie or TV show via the software is starting to reappear natively in the user interface! It almost reappeared a week or so ago, even so users are just starting to deliver its reappearance. 9to5Google proved this on several listings and found it on one created by my favorite shows ever, Staff members of S. H. My own. E. L. D.


It’s also emerging as soon as for many other shows and flicks, but not for everything. In its place, it seems sporadic for some reason. It is likely a server-side move by Google and could point out the fact that they and Netflix have worked out their meat on some level. Ought to click on a listing, you should appropriate see Netflix as an option as shown in the running above. You’ll be taken currently to the Netflix app thinking show will begin playing, just like the good ‘ol days as the Chromecast with Google THE TELEVISION first launched, right? We’d adore hear in the comments component whether or not you’re seeing some of the service on content lists again.

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