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Network based recovery?

Soo I noticed ChromeOS 98 is hitting all the chromebooks, and the big feature that caught my eye is network based recovery. This would save me alot of time since I work on all different models and its a real pain to have to create a recovery drive for all of them every time. I don't want to have to own 10 flash drives because i get the same 10 models repeatedly, not to mention updating them all when it came time.

I've already spent some time searching for a solution to put all of the different models on to one big storage device. Its not worth it or just flat out is not compatible with multiusb software tricks. And trust me I actually went through the dev docs to figure out how the really odd multi partitions worked.

And now that I seen that feature pop up in the latest update I'm back on the search again. This would help production in the tech room alot, especially since ChromiumOS documents kind of make it sound like I can host them locally. This is the only information I can find on it so far.

I've already kind of experimented with a few nicer models that were running or i updated to version 98. I've opened up some of the recovery images I have downloaded just to see if I can find some sort of network config for the Wi-Fi but found nothing yet. Kind of sounds like I need a recovery image for Network only? I tried to trick the recovery tool using a 4 GB flash drive because I read somewhere else that if the full recovery image wouldn't fit on the drive that's what it would do. Nothing I try is working and I'm giving up again until some more info pops up or typing this leads me deeper into the rabbit hole.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated. I like knowledge.

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