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New 11th genration intel core i5 chromebook not turning on at all with white solid light at charging port

So i bought a new chromebook yesterdat at sams club and i had high hopes for this chromebook but so far it wont turn on at all. Ive tried holding power button nothing, tried holding the power button and F3 and nothing, tried holding the power button, F3 and escape and nothing. The computer has a solid white light when i plug in charger so the chromebook is obviously charged. Is my computer just broken because thats really the conclusion im coming too. Is my battery just dead? No other new chromebook ive used has done this before. Is there really nothing i can do other than try to get refund for this junk? Please let me know what i can do to fix this because i really do feel like i was sold a broken computer or the computer has a dead battery.

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