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New extension prevents streamers from getting doxed, hides personal information from pages

Full disclosure, I made this tool myself. I maintain it, but I do not profit off it unless you consider Github stars a currency.

Checkout out my new privacy extension!
Hides visible personal information from pages, similar to Discord's Streamer mode.

Features: – Ensures pages do not display your personal information, EVEN while and before loading. – Prevents changes to the pages from showing your personal information. – Ability to specify any string as personal information. – Warns users if a page is not fully supported by the extension, to prevent them from accidentally leaking their information.

Notes: The source is public, feel free to review the code for your privacy and security. Feature suggestions, bug reports, and reviews are highly appreciated! If you get any use out of the tool, please star the Github repository!

Installation: There is a Chrome and Opera version of the extension, but I have to pay to put it on the Chrome Webstore, so you have to install it in developer mode through the instructions on the Github.

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