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NEW UPDATES to the Media App of Chrome OS

For PDF :

The Media App started supporting PDF a few months ago & right now you can do things what you can do on Adobe Acrobat. You can add text, add annotations, rotate orientation, Print, etc. Watch the below Video for the tour. Enable this in Flags chrome://flags#media-app-handles-pdf.

Sorry for the Lag & Yes, Watch the Video

For Video:

Nothing much has changed but there is a Captions Option in the more options but that doesn't do anything for now. The Image describes what I mean. No Flag Neccessary

For Video

For Image:

There are a no changes in the image section but if you are in beta, dev or canary you can add experiments by clicking the more options icon > Experiments.

For Audio:

Media App also launched for Audio & it has basic Audio viewing. Here is a tour of how it is, anyway.

For Audio

Just for Information, I am in the Dev Channel of Chrome OS.

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