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In no way everyone loves Chrome’s new ‘Reading list’ feature, so now it can also be hidden entirely

Google recently earned its Reading list function available to the masses, reality many of us have been enjoying in which thus far, there are those who clearly do not like it. More specifically, they don’t enjoy where Google decided to place it. Instead of putting information technology somewhere accessible, yet undetectable, they instead chose to stuff it in the spot where the member would normally access their ‘Other bookmarks’ button. Thankfully, the company has heard each cries for change and is now allowing you to hide typically Reading list feature thoroughly. Not only that, but they’ve including found a middle environment and changed its placing and appearance in the latest algorithm on Chrome OS Canary!

Credit: Leopeva64 on the subject of Reddit

First discovered nearby some sort of Reddit user named Leopeva64 , who is operating on Brilliant Canary, right-clicking the hungry space between your bookmarks coupled with other icons will present families with a context menu this description now includes the option to suppress the Reading list component entirely. Labeled ‘Show Reading through through list’, toggling it will like magic disappear the icon while text from your toolbar, and several users probably couldn’t wind up happier about this. I ever really love the new tool, and in turn of disabling it, To get pleased to find that Google keeps officially found a middle section ground.


Upon updating you Chromebook, which is in Canary, I was presented with a Reading list icon that’s truncated and features no phrases whatsoever. It’s also positioned on the extensions toolbar towards the right of the Omnibox, overloaded ‘Other bookmarks’ button is back where it belongs. Presenting not sure why Google didn’t opt for this positioning to be able to, but in rolling the include out without thinking it because of, it made a whole lot of ladies upset. Perhaps going forward may well do more user testing in advance of launches.

How do you feel the new Reading list facet? What do you think of the option to hide the application entirely? Are you like me and like to use it, and are articles that it’s been relocated to a less eye-catching spot? Being that I’m a big proponent of killing the antiquated rationale of a bookmark, I could give a flying fuck for the ‘Other bookmarks’ piece as it’s just significantly more clutter, but I can be aware entirely where those who any problem with it being taken out of the spotlight are originating.


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