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Celebrate Black creative visions with ChromeCelebrate Black creative visions with ChromeGroup Product Manager

This Black History Month, the Chrome team is showcasing exciting new work by Black artists in a collection of themes that let you customize the look of your browser.

We commissioned six contemporary artists and invited them to turn Chrome into their canvas. Working in different mediums and bringing different … Read the rest

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Heads Up: Restriction on SharedArrayBuffers are probably coming in M91

Starting in Internet explorer 91 (May, 2021), cross-origin isolation will be required inside all platforms in order to begin to browse APIs like SharedArrayBuffer or performance. measureUserAgentSpecificMemory() . This brings regarding desktop platforms in line with Droid, which shipped this restriction in Chrome 88.

That allows you to continue using … Read the rest

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Free of charge to Rename ‘Native’ Warns to ‘System’ Notifications

Google just lately started using the word ‘Block List’ instead of ‘Black List’ to make the tech language a little more inclusive. Taking this forth, the word ‘System’ will repair ‘Native’ in Google Chrome laws|code calculatordecoder}.

Google Chrome Logo

System Notifications, Not Indigène Notifications

I spotted the following change yesterday as part of … Read the rest