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Phone Hub & Nearby Share are not working in ChromeOS 100 Stable

Hello everyone ✌️

I have a problem in my Lenovo Chromebook Duet, is that the Phone Hub sheet is not working, I can connect my tablet to my phone via hotspot (From mobile data settings) but I can't see the silence or find my phone button

Also, I noticed that nearby share is not working also 😥 My phone can share and receive from any device except my Chromebook

At first, I thought it is a glitch or something, but it persisted for long time, making my life really horrible 😖 (Especially the fact that I can't share files between my two devices, everytime I have to upload to Google Drive)

How can I solve this? Or with whom can I contact to solve this? And do you think ChromeOS 101 will solve this issue?

Thank you in advance 🌹

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