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Practical number of user on a Chromebook?

I'm passing a Chromebook on to a small local branch of a charitable organisation. The organisation nationally uses MS Teams as its main means of communication, and I can readily use Teams (via web) on the Chromebook. Each individual local user will have their own login to Teams. (It's got a year or two before EOL, and if all goes to plan by then we'll be sufficiently organised and funded to buy something new).

I don't want people to use a shared user/PIN for logging in to the Chromebook: first because that's just generally Not a Good Thing, and secondly because it's just a matter of time (probably a fairly short time!) before someone saves their Teams login details to Chrome and people get access to other Teams accounts.

Are there any theoretical or practical limits to the number of individual users that can be added to a Chromebook?

I've only ever had two or three on the same device before, and I don't know whether additional users take significant additional storage space, or how visually the device would display (say) a dozen, or 20, users available for login.

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