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Problems setting up Parallels on Chrome OS

Hi All,

The continuation of the Parallels Saga…(cue dramatic music…)

So I got hold of a couple of licences and started with trying to created a Windows image. I will say at this point that Chromebooks upgraded to enterprise, Admin console set up, licences redeemed etc.

This is my problem (just reached out to Parallels and Google Enterprise community, but i thought I'd ask you guys also…)

I am trying to create the Windows image on Chrome OS so I can set up Parallels. The Windows .ISO file is in Downloads, I open the Crosh terminal and enter this command:

'vmc create -p PvmDefault Win10_21H1_English_x64.iso',

…and I get this error:

Error: operation `vm_create` failed: Parallels VMs are not available: This user is not affiliated with the organization. Visit `chrome://vm/parallels` page in Chrome browser to review state of Parallels Desktop software.

[ERROR:src/] ERROR: command failed

If I then go to `chrome://vm/parallels` in Chrome, I see this:

Parallels Desktop status

Not enabled: One or more policies are not configured correctly. Please contact your administrator

Requirement Status Explanation

Device is supported Pass

Profile is supported Pass

Policies are configured correctly Fail User is not affiliated with domain

VM 'Parallels Desktop' exists N/A

I gotta be honest, I have no clue… Help me! ☹

Thanks, all…

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