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r/ChromeOS 500k Giveaway – A Premium Chromebook, USI styluses, a Keyboard & Mouse Combo, giftcodes and more are up for grabs! Comment below to enter!

Thanks to our friends at About Chromebooks, Penoval, the Crostini subreddit, Duet Display and MyScript for helping make this possible.

500,000 is a big number – a really big number. It's a huge milestone for this subreddit and we're very close to reaching it, therefore it's important to celebrate. For the last few months we've been putting together this event and we hope you enjoy it – good luck!

To enter, just leave a comment below this post. Make sure to join and become a member of the subreddit, and upvote this post too!

Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook

Provided by About Chromebooks. About Chromebooks publishes news, reviews and general tips about all things Chrome OS – check them out!

The Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook is one of the most commonly recommended devices across the community, and for good reason. It has excellent specs, great battery life and build quality, a 360° hinge and touchscreen, and USI stylus support.

The model that we're giving away is equipped with an an Intel 11th Gen Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. For more info, see the review by About Chromebooks.

Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook

Penoval USI 702 Stylus

Sponsored by Penoval – check out the USI702 stylus and all their other products here.

The Penoval USI702 stylus is frequently mentioned across the community, and for good reason – it recharges by USB-C in 50 minutes, providing enough power up to 90hrs of use. It has an eraser on the end, sturdy nibs, and pixel-precision, making it perfect for note-taking, sketching or art! Note that a USI-supported device is needed for the stylus to function.

We're giving away one of these to three lucky winners! We also have a limited-quantity coupon, which means that 50 members here will have the opportunity to get 15% off their purchase from Penoval using the code 15OffChromie. The code can only be used on Amazon before checkout.

See this review from our community for more info.

Penoval USI 702 Stylus

Logitech K580 keyboard & Pebble mouse combo

Brought to you by our friends from r/Crostini – an extremely helpful forum for discussion and discovery for using VMs, containers, and related tools on Chrome OS & Chromium.

The K580 keyboard is a highly-praised keyboard from Logitech. It's part of the officially-certified "Works with Chromebook" range, complete with an "everything key" and ChromeOS-specific top-row keys. It's the perfect external keyboard for your needs.

The Logitech Pebble is a cute but capable mouse – it works with Chromebooks and has a modern, slim design and is almost silent. It's a brilliant, portable accessory that compliments any Chromebook well.

Logitech K580 and Pebble

Duet Display

Sponsored by Duet Display. Check them out on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Duet turns your Android phone, tablet, or Chromebook into the most advanced extra display for both Mac & PC. Developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers, Duet offers unparalleled performance and display quality – all with zero lag.

Duet also has remote desktop capabilities and works on iOS, Mac to Mac, and Mac and PC.

Duet currently costs $9.99 on Google Play, but we have 10 codes so that you can have it for free!

Nebo Notetaking and MyScript Calculator

Sponsored by MyScript. MyScript design and build innovative apps for Android (Chromebooks included!) and iOS.

Nebo – Want a digital notebook that understands every word you write? Nebo is for you! Nebo can turn handwritten notes into professional documents with excellent handwriting-to-text conversion, allows you to annotate existing documents, and get creative, being able to write and draw freely on an infinite canvas.

Check out its many features. We have 10 codes to giveaway, worth $10 each!

MyScript Calculator is a simple, intuitive and highly innovative app that allows you to turn your device into an interactive sheet of paper. It performs calculations based on input from your finger or a stylus. It's full of features and functions just like you'd expect it to.

Note: Both of these apps require a touchscreen Chromebook in order to function as intended.

Huge thanks to all involved in providing the prizes – this wouldn't be possible without them.

I've also got a bunch of Reddit awards to giveaway, so look out for those too!

Once again – comment below to enter, and make sure you join this subreddit and our Discord server. Using multiple accounts to enter the contest is against the rules. Also checkout our partnered subreddits, r/Crostini, r/ChromeOSFlex, r/ChromebookGaming and r/Chrultrabook. Good luck!

Using multiple accounts to enter the contest is against the rules. There are shipping limitations on some items – in the case that it is not possible to provide a winner with their prize, they'll be offered their choice of other available prizes. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out through modmail.

Before anyone asks, none of the mods have received any physical or monetary gifts as part of this giveaway, and we have no other affiliations to any of the sponsors – apart from the Crostini sub being our besties :p

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