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Restoring Closed Tabs and Tab Groups in Bulk Coming to Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android can soon restore closed tabs in bulk. For example, you can restore tabs from a recently closed tab group with a single tap.

Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android

Restoring Tabs in Bulk

If you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, you might have used restore multiple tabs with a single click, at least once. You can soon do this on Chrome for Android too.

Today, Google added an experimental flag to the Chromium code to start testing this feature.

Recent Tabs Bulk Restore: Enables restoration of bulk tab closures (e.g., close all tabs, close
a group, etc.) from Recent Tabs > Recently Closed.

With this feature, you can easily restore your recent browsing sessions, opening all websites with a single click.

We will soon see this feature on the Canary version of Google Chrome for Android. The Canary channel receives multiple updates throughout the week. Come back later for updated screenshots.

Source: Chromium Gerrit.

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