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‘Rounded Corners for Display’ Coming to Chrome OS


Are rounded corners a thing on laptop screens? I could find only discussions about rounded corners on phones and a third-party app for Macs to make the corners rounded.

Rounded Corners for Chromebook Display
Rounded Corners for Chromebook Display

That being said, here is a new Chrome OS flag that I spotted in the Chromium Repository:

Rounded display: Enables rounded corners for the display.

Another piece of code confirms this is for “internal displays”.

Now, if the rounded corners support was for the Google Chrome browser, there are different directions we can take our speculations in. However, when it comes to the Chromebook screen, we don’t have many options.

Are we going to see a new Chromebook or a Chrome OS tablet from Google? What do you think?

The intention behind this article is merely to open a discussion on what this could be. I would love to hear your theories. Or maybe, I have completely misunderstood this (again).

Let me know.

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