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Seamless payments and password management in Chrome

Many people choose to save their payment information and passwords for their favorite websites to their Google Account for easy access. Until recently, it was not always easy to access them in Chrome. For example: in that moment where you (finally!) found the perfect holiday gift, and started the checkout, Chrome couldn’t help you access the login credentials you had saved in Password Manager, or the payment methods you had added to your account, unless you had Chrome sync turned on for that device.

This changed last year, when we made it easier to access the payment methods in your Google Account. Since then, we’ve been working hard to bring the same signed-in experience to more features and users — making it simpler and more intuitive to access your Google Account info in Chrome. We’re happy to announce that over the coming weeks and months, seamless payments and password management will become available to all signed-in users, syncing or not.

More convenient sign in on Android

To help you get the most out of your Google Account, Chrome on Android will soon let you sign in with a single tap, even when not using sync. When you sign in to a Google service like Gmail, you can now choose to sign in to Chrome with one of your Google Accounts on the device – with a single tap and without having to re-enter your credentials. If you prefer to sign in without adding your account to the device, you can simply dismiss the dialog. And if you want a temporary browsing session, the menu provides a quick way to open Incognito mode.

Easier payments with Chrome on Android

When you sign in to Chrome on your Android phone using the new single tap option, you’ll soon be able to autofill the payment methods stored in your Google Account for a more convenient shopping experience. Chrome will ask you to confirm the card’s CVC or let you authenticate with biometrics, and then you’re good to go. You can also save a new credit card to your account to use it across all your devices. Each time you save a card to your account, you will receive a confirmation email. You can manage and delete the cards at any time by going to your Payment methods in your account.

Easier Password Management on Chrome desktop

We’ve heard your feedback for more flexibility when it comes to having access to passwords saved to your Google Account. Over the next couple of months, accessing and managing your passwords safely across your devices will become even easier. This can all be done simply by signing in to your Google Account, regardless of whether sync is enabled. You’ll be able to autofill passwords on sites that you previously saved to your account, and when you save a new password, Chrome will let you choose where you want to save it — on the device or in your Google Account. If you choose your account, you can access it on all your devices.

With this change we’re also bringing Chrome’s password generation feature to more people, helping them create strong and unique passwords for the many online accounts people manage when using Chrome.

Keep an eye out for these features over the coming months, and as always, be sure to keep tabs on our blog for future updates. 

Posted by Sabine Borsay, Product Manager, Chrome

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