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‘Snap Windows by Thirds for Split View’ Coming to Chrome OS.

Chrome OS lets you snap two windows side by side. For now. Things are getting better in this department. You will soon be able to split the screen into thirds and use up to three windows at the same time.

Chromebook Split Screen
Chromebook Split Screen

Partial Split

I could be wrong though. I am interpreting a new experimental Chrome flag found in the Chromium repository this morning.

Meet Partial Split.

Partial Split: enables the option to snap windows by thirds for split view.

That’s all we know about this feature for now. The bug associated with this code change request is private and there are no other details available in the Chromium repository.

Anyways, Google is working on improving the split-screen features for sure. We may not get the same flexibility that Microsoft Windows provides at the moment. However, Google seems to be interested in improving this feature gradually.

Are you an additional-monitor-split-screen type of Chromebook user? Let me know in the comments section below.

Source: Chromium Repository.

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