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Styled Highlights for Chrome Looks Like Instagram Stories

Google is testing a new text-sharing feature for Chrome that reminds me of Instagram stories.

Stylised Highlight

Google wants all the fancy stuff that you get on mobile apps on open web too. When “stories” became popular on almost all the social networking apps, Google announced “web stories” based on the AMP platform.

The new stylised highlight feature on Chrome for Android reminds me of this story (pun intended).

So, what is a stylised highlight?

I enabled this Chrome for a week ago but it started working this evening. If you have Chrome Canary on your Android phone, enable the “WebNotes Stylize” flag, restart Chrome.

Now, highlight some text and tap Share.

Chrome Stylise Highlight - Share
Chrome Stylise Highlight – Share

Select Stylise Highlight.

Chrome Stylise Highlight - Select

You will now see the selected text in a few color options.

Chrome Stylise Highlight - Select an option

Ideally, we should be able to select Next and share this highlight on other apps. However, this does not work yet.

I am hoping to see more options to make the highlight interesting in coming weeks. However, more than that, I want to see how the end product looks like. Will this be an image with a link to the web page as caption?

I will keep testing the highight when Google updates Canary channel of Chrome and update this article with more details.

For now, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Ready to rock your Twitter timeline with some cool highlights?

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