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Giving users and developers more control over focus

.code-block { font-family: monospace; font-size: 14px; color: #000; overflow-x: scroll; }

Chrome 86 introduces two new features that improve both the user and developer experience when it comes to working with focus.

The :focus-visible pseudo-class is a CSS selector that lets developers opt-in to the same heuristic the browser uses Read the rest

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Using AI to give people who are blind the “full picture”Using AI to give people who are blind the “full picture”Software Engineer, Chrome Accessibility

Everything that makes up the web—text, images, video and audio—can be easily discovered. Many people who are blind or have low vision rely on screen readers to make the content of web pages accessible through spoken feedback or braille. 

For images and graphics, screen readers rely on descriptions created by … Read the rest

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Steel can now caption audio as videoChrome can now caption music and videoProduct ManagerProduct Business manager

Laura D’Aquila, a software engineer on Google Work space who is hard of playing, tested out the feature as early as possible. “With Live Caption, That i no longer have to miss out on calculating videos because of lack of sayings, and I can engage in real-life conversations with family, … Read the rest