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Young-looking password protections in ChromeBetter password protections in ChromeSenior Product Manager

Sharing your device? So it’s easier to tell as their Chrome profile you’re using 

We discover that many people share their portable computers or use multiple contour. To make sure you always know normally profile you’re currently using—for example, when creating and cutting down passwords with Chrome’s the password manager—we’ve … Read the rest

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Data Privacy Day: seven ways we protect your privacyData Privacy Day: seven ways we protect your privacyVice President of Product

Keeping you safe online is a top priority at Google, especially for the thousands of Googlers who work on privacy and security around the world. Today on Data Privacy Day, we’re sharing some of the many ways we keep you safe online and across our products—from built-in protections to easy … Read the rest

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Cool new malware protections for Expert Protection usersNew malware a number of for Advanced Protection usersEngineering Manager, Android Security but also Privacy

Cutting-edge Protection is committed to saving harmful apps off of registered users’ devices. All wordpress on the Google Play Web store undergo rigorous testing, yet apps outside of Google Play around can potentially pose a likelihood to users’ devices. This kind of added protection, we’re definitely blocking the majority of … Read the rest