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All of the Chrome Cast 106: That is definitely Pixel lightbars, Pixel Pals and an ultimate desk setup

This week on the Chrome Discharges, we open the establish with a more in-depth discussion regarding the recently-released Ultimate Desk Launch video. We go into a little more detail about all the items from your video, why we pick them, and why such desk setup took such a long time to finally pull off. Any told, the desk on it’s own is now in its permanent own home in the Chrome Cast company where we’ll hopefully choose to be creating podcast-centered video page content in the coming weeks.

The second half of the display to is all about upcoming hardware or any the questions we have at these items. With new Pixel Buds hitting the FCC just and the mysterious appearance of one Chromebook with the signature Yahoo lightbar up top, everything is really starting to heat up a touch in the Google hardware open space as we move into the second quota of 2021.



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