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the lenovo duet review:6 months later (written on the duet)

i have owned the duet for 6-7 months now and here is my opinions on it 6 months after i got it

display:1080p at this price is a steal most laptops even now have 720p screens so having a crispy 1080p screen is a HUGE plus of this device

weight: it is just so lightweight i love it

battery: paired with it being so portable and lightweight with stellar battery i can take this anywhere without a power bank and not worry (my battery health right now is at 95%)

chromeos: i love and hate chromeos its updates can be buggy at times but its very lightweight,fast and easy to use although i hate how there are no buttons on the file manager in chromeos thats literally basic on macos,l inux and windows. i also hate the pop up start menu and it being dark mode (which i fixed by enable these flags chrome://flags/#dark-light-mode chrome://flags/#productivity-launcher chrome://flags/#categorical-search by default the duet is lag city but with a few tweaks its really fast

ublock origin (fastest adblocker)

great-er discarder-er set it to 5-20 min in its settings this will freeze the tabs you dont use and frees a lot of cpu and memory

h264ify this will eliminate stutter in youtube and heavily heavily reduce cpu and ram usage

these are all the flags i applied on my duet (it makes the experience way better with more features and makes the duet faster) to apply these flags go to chrome:flags

all together this makes the duet really smooth way faster than it was out of the box

performance: the duet is not the fastest device but it does the job microsoft teams while screen sharing with 3 tabs open had a few stutters but google meet is where it shined 3-4 tabs open while sharing with camera on it barely stuttered

keyboard and touchpad: the keyboard is very usable and has no issues but the trackpad is weired atleast for me sometimes it does not click on some sides when on a lap but on a table its perfect

gaming: this device is NOT for gaming but that does not mean it cant with some tinkering i got minecraft from play store working it ran amazing! on normal settings with all the effects on but render distance set to 6 it ran smoothly but stuttered sometimes but with low settings it never lagged and was super smooth i also got fortnite and cod mobile working cod mobile was playable at its lowest settings it was not ultra smooth but didnt feel stuttery fortnite on the other hand was barely playable 30% 3d res it barely hit 30 fps and at times dropped to 5 or 10 although in creative i would get 30-45 fps but it is very pixalated (the low fps is because of fortnite not being a totally different game than the pc one but a port ) among us is as expected works perfectly no issues

streaming content: youtube pwa with h264ify works really well because of h264ify it barely consumes any cpu or ram disney plus works on 1080p but because the screen is 16:10 imax enhanced movies still have big borders which is a minor but annoying issue

conclusion: for teams google meet,media consumption (youtube,netflix disney plus) some light gaming like among us and getting minecraft working with some tinkering fortnite barely runs but is playable, and just using it as a tablet it is just worth it

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