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The state of video editing on ChromeOS is embarrassing

I had to edit a pretty straightforward simple 1080p video yesterday on my Acer Spin 13. Goodness what a mess.

Tried Openshot, Shotcut and Kdenlive on Linux. Which frankly is still a odd implementation that the general public wouldnt even understand how to do. But all those programs barely ran 5 minutes in. Stuttering mess. And this is still a top tier chromebook in terms of CPU power.

Then I turned to apps. Only one ran well called My Movie. The fan never even turned on. So I know its possible to get a decent video editor running on ChromeOS. My Movie is just kind of basic.

For the love of god Google dump money into Adobes lap so they actually port over Premiere Rush if you refuse to build a video editor yourself. It sucks when you have to randomly do these kind of tasks and find yourself needing a Windows machine again. When it doesnt have to be that way.

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