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[U: Renders] The Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro allegedly leak again ahead of tomorrow’s event

Update: According to TechScoreNY on Twitter, these are not official leaks – obviously – and as I predicted are renders created by an artist. Everything I stated below regarding the placement of the phones being face down and such tipped me off.

@NexusBen @michaelperrigo @SkylledDev @GabrielBrangers @jon_prosser Ben, these are NOT official renders of the device. They are concept images of what the image WILL look like according to the latest leaks. The images were tipped to us from an external source/artist. The device is 100% NOT launching tomorrow at the I/O conference.

After leaker extraordinaire John Prosser of Front Page Tech dropped a bombshell revealing renders of the design he was sent of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, he then released an early promotional video directly from Google’s marketing campaign for Android 12 which featured the phone as well. Now, a random post on Reddit with no context by u/Tough_Philosopher_47 contains the following image of three separate colors for the phone in what seems to be a retail space of some sort.


According to a tweet by @techscoreny, the colors may be called Arctic Blue, Sorta Orange, and Mostly Grey, though the account has not directly or clearly answered any questions from commenters. Furthermore, the Reddit image above may not be real at all to begin with. In fact, several people have pointed out in response to the image that the camera module and several other aspects of the design simply don’t look ‘real’. It’s being claimed that it’s a really well done render and nothing more.

While I’m leaning toward this being a render as well, I do see how John’s original renders could have exaggerated the design in order to draw attention to its minutia. Another problem here is that there is likely no way that these phones have made their way into a retail space in order to be set up yet. Even if they had, it makes no sense to connect them to a display with their screens facing down.

The only way this could be real is if it’s a display that will feature at I/O in order to show off the design of the phone, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow if we’re going to crack this mystery. Lastly, I want to note that the alleged “Arctic Blue” color has not yet been mentioned by reliable sources on the matter, so the inclusion of it may simply be wishful thinking if it is a render. You can watch the keynote here when it broadcasts tomorrow at 1:00 pm EST.

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