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[U: Tweet pulled] Google accidentally announces its Pixel Buds A-Series a bit early

Update: In a Tweet that was pulled immediately after being published, Android officially announced the Pixel Buds A-Series with the following graphic promoting Fast Pair. It’s likely that the tweet was auto-scheduled to fire off during Google I/O in a few weeks, but something must have gone wrong.


Quality sound and quick Bluetooth pairing.

The new Pixel Buds A-Series have arrived. Enjoy one-tap Bluetooth pairing with the updated Fast Pair experience on #Android.

After its current generation buds saw a $50 price drop this week, Google has now accidentally revealed the official name of its new Pixel Buds a bit early. Though they’re likely to be announced at Google I/O in just a few weeks, the name that is now being attributed to them is “Pixel Buds A-Series”, according to the screenshot below. The image was snapped by Caschys Blog, and reported by Android Police just a bit ago and shows a German Google search results page of the Google Store.


Credit: Caschys Blog

New: Pixel Buds A-Series

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Previously, we reported on these new devices appearing in a Nest email sent out by Google. Before that, an FCC listing pegged them as “Pixel Buds A”. If the company is, in fact, naming them “A-Series” (which is right in line with their Pixel phone nomenclature), I wonder if this means they may consider allowing the current Pixel Buds to co-exist with them for a time instead of taking them off the market and then potentially upgrading them next year to provide another mainline experience to go with their budget offerings.

Now that Google has acquired Dysonics, and seems to have plans for adding 3D spatial audio to these new buds, I can also see it looking at ways to improve the mainstream devices using the same technology. Even if future iterations of the earbuds lose the ability to swipe in order to change volume levels, I believe (with little evidence, but a fantastic gut instinct) that the company may have plans to integrate its Soli chip to allow hand gesture control of your music and audio.


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