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Newest Snapdragon 7c Chromebook gadget ‘Homestar’ gets unique show and speaker setup

Thanks to a certain amount of digging near by Kevin Tofel at About Chromebooks, some new additions have came up in the details of an upcoming easily removed Chromebook code named ‘Homestar’. We’ve thought a bit about this device in the last, noting in its arrival in the Chromium Repositories that it was in the same list of devices as ‘Coachz’ – the other Snapdragon Chromebook supplement on the way at some point here in 2021. At the time, we didn’t have in effect much to go on apart from the relief of knowing that ‘Homestar’ and ‘Coachz’ are designed off the same ‘Strongbad’ baseboard, telling us there would likely be some similarities among the two.

With regards to quick reference, ‘Coachz’ happens equipped with a magnetically attached rechargeable USI pen, a 3: merely two 11-inch QHD display, incorporated kickstand and LTE types. There’s a lot to look forward to in that device, but it looks like ‘Homestar’ will come with its own share of interesting modifications, too. According to Kevin’s results in the Chromium Gerrit, this situation detachable Chromebook will be ways to get both an OLED menu (ATNA33XC20) and support to order quad speaker setup. If you have ever heard a 4-speaker build-up on a tablet, you know the advantages. Better sound and more of it.


Even better, ‘Homestar’ will have the ability in order to really swap out the speakers with a whim depending on what angle you hold the device in. Purchase that sweet stereo output follows you no matter how you are containing this tablet. Pretty stunning! Oh, and there is evidence of USI show support to, though this is not a surprise at this point.

The display panel referenced in the commit above is difficult to pin down, but Kevin managed to find a very similar OLED display from Samsung during ATNA33xC11, so it’s a exceptional bet this panel is in the same vein. That demonstrate to comes in at 13-inches in the ASUS Zenbook 13 and boast 422 nits of brightness and visitors 100% sRGB, 97. 9% AdobeRGB, 99. 7% DCI-P3 coverage. Although there’s no guarantee that all of the xC11 and the xC20 are indifferent in this regard, it is likely a sign considered display panel in ‘Homestar’ will be bright, vibrant, and color-accurate. Perfect things to have.


That’s about all we know for now, but it is likely more details will arrive soon for the upcoming tablet. We’re on the other hand eagerly awaiting our basic Snapdragon 7c Chromebook to actually get a feel for the functionality, but assuming it is positive, the external benefits of the extender on the way with this chip into are very impressive. I am sure Visiting not the only one who is seriously awaiting the arrival of and other ARM-powered Chromebooks seeing as 2021 wears on. We’ll be serving them all, so be sure to have subscribed below so you get the weight off miss out!

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