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Very useful flag: Enable Files Trash

I accidentally deleted something earlier today when I was just about to move it over to a jump drive. Unfortunately this didn't help me recover it, but I learned that Chrome OS apparently has a trash now but it needs to be enabled through a flag. So I thought I would make a post just spreading awareness about it – it is a very useful feature to help prevent accidental deletions, and I've always thought it was a critical missing feature of Chrome OS. I'm not sure why it isn't enabled by default yet.

While I'm spreading awareness of useful flags, there is also a Monthly Calendar View flag. Perhaps not as useful as the trash feature, but I enabled this one a few months ago and love having quick access to a calendar in the lower right hand corner. Basically it updates the bar with the date and time to open a calendar if you click the right of it and the standard menu if you click the left of it. Another really useful flag that is well implemented that I'm not sure why it's not just the default yet.

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