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I have spent months trying to whittle out which extension was causing a malicious re-direct to almost every shopping site. Chrome would go to a re-direct whenever navigating to a shopping site, meaning an extension was malevolently putting in referral links for free money. Today, I finally found it:

Uninstall This Extension Immediately:

"Super Easy Auto Refresh"

Version 1.3.6

Size 2.5mb

ID globgafddkdlnalejlkcpaefakkhkdoa

The extension is not on the Google Chrome Extensions page anymore but it is likely still on at least tens of thousands of computers, with the owner making free money on all of them without their (or anyone's consent). This guy needs to be identified and banned from making extensions. Please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (you can't report the extension on the page anymore) and give them the extension's ID so they can identify him.

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