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Weird Battery Health on refurbished HP Chromebook X2 11

Hey there. So i bought a used "HP Chromebook X2 11" with 8 gb of ram and 128 gb of storage on amazon warehouse in " as good as new " condition. I was surprised that it was indeed pretty new with no charging cycle – so the battery seems to be brand new.

However, I recently discovered that both the diagnostics app and the crosh terminal indicated that the battery health was around 96% after 2 cycles and after the 3rd it is now at 93%. The discharge test seemed to be fine at .78% after 300 seconds .

That made me check the battery health of my Acer Spin 713 2021 which has a battery health of 104% after 70 cycles and a discharge rate of .54% after 300 seonds.

I am pretty confused to say the least because I don't know wheter I should be worried about the battery health of my device and return it or if there is anything else that I can do to maybe recalibrate the battery.

Any idea what I could do about that ?

thanks in advance 🙂

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