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What Chromebook should I buy?

My Chromebooks went kaput. My School provided Asus Chromebook is basically unusable, and my School-Program provided Chromebook's touchpad went to shit (and apparently everyone else in my school using the same Chromebook is having this issue)

The School Program I'm in can't really do anything about this issue, and I can't deal with a Chromebook that costs $200 to replace and reboots everytime i lift it.

I'm looking for a Chromebook Specifically because the School WIFI actively blocks other devices from using the Internet properly (I can't use Google on a MacBook, I tried) and I don't have unlimited hotspot (unlike you Maria :eye_roll:)

This is what i absolutely need in a Chromebook:
– Great Battery

– Decent Performance

– Good Display (13"-14" preferable)

– $200 or Under

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