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What is the point of Chromeboxes and what do you use them for?

First off, I want to clarify that I'm not trying to troll. This is a legitimate question. I may not seem like I know what I'm talking about, but if you want to improve be content to be thought foolish and stupid, I guess.

Secondly, I'm not talking about ChromeBOOKS. I understand the point of those (i think). Businesses and educational facilities like them because they're a cheaper alternative to Windows for their workers/students to use. And casual consumers like them because they're portable, lightweight, secure (people don't really make viruses for Linux… Yet…) And have good battery life. So I understand those, but I think this makes the proposition of the ChromeBOX a little more confusing to me.

If a Chromebook is an alternative to a laptop, then a Chromebox would be an alternative to a mini pc (something like an intel NUC or one of those HP prodesk minis). Those are useful if you're traveling and you need more horsepower than a regular laptop can provide (and yes I know im oversimplifying). But for ChromeBoxes, what can you use that extra horsepower for? Chromebooks are basically designed to run web apps, but I see some of these ChromeBoxes come with a core i7. I don't think you need that much power to run google docs. There seems to be a "glass ceiling" in terms of power for Chromebooks, and I don't know what a ChromeBOX can do that a more convenient ChromeBOOK cannot.

So that's my rant. What's the point of ChromeBoxes? Do you use one? If so, what for? Did I get absolutely everything wrong? Please let me know. I'm genuinely curious.

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