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What to Expect from Privacy Sandbox Testing

We’re excited to share that Chrome is starting the next stage of testing for the Privacy Sandbox ads relevance and measurement proposals.

Starting today, developers can begin testing globally the Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting APIs in the Canary version of Chrome. We’ll progress to a limited number of Chrome Beta users as soon as possible. Once things are working smoothly in Beta, we’ll make API testing available in the stable version of Chrome to expand testing to more Chrome users.

We recognize that developers will need some time to use the APIs, validate the data flows, and measure performance. We are looking forward to companies providing feedback as they move through the different testing phases, which will allow us to continually improve the APIs. Once we’re confident that the APIs are working as designed, we’ll make them broadly available in Chrome, allowing more developers to integrate, evaluate and provide feedback as we continue to optimize them for their use cases.

Developers can expect support from Chrome in the form of developer guidance, regular updates, and a range of feedback and engagement channels. We strongly encourage developers to share feedback publicly and with Chrome, and we’ll closely monitor progress along the way. We also welcome the role industry associations can play in this process, from facilitating collaborative industry tests to aggregating feedback themes.

Chrome will also begin testing updated Privacy Sandbox settings and controls that allow users to see and manage the interests associated with them, or turn off the trials entirely.

Caption: Chrome will be testing updated Privacy Sandbox settings and controls.

The Privacy Sandbox proposals have already benefited substantially from the thoughtful feedback of early testers, and we’re eager to open up testing for more of our proposals. We’ll continue to gather feedback from the ecosystem and to engage with regulators globally, including through our work with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority in line with our commitments for the Privacy Sandbox on the web. If you’re interested in learning more about the APIs and how you can participate, please see our detailed developer guidance.

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