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Exactly why are pdfs inconsistently opened by way of either this or that app/program

Hi Everyone,

I' m not a long-time chromeos cricket gamer, so sorry, if it is a trustworthy stupid question: but.

I want to open pdfs on my chromebook (lenovo). PDFs that are by now on my chromebook (like: i' m not just downloading them)

And I would like to do that avoid chrome, but with the Look for engines PDF viewer (or every viewer). Now recently, the regular file browser doesn' g give me an option to choose any more ? and just opens pdfs at chrome. Except sometimes, with regards to doesn' t and utilizes the google pdf customer.

To make this even more ludicrous, if I use the Google info files app (not the standard, preinstalled one), I do have the option to choose, but not the option to set an ordinary that would work via the further file browser as well.

Incredibly EXTREMELY frustrating since the actual file browser is so-far the best regarding folder composition etc .

And besides googles sometimes not giving me a choice (which in my opinion undermines this " this is laptop or computer for the pros" -approach), often the inconsistency of it all is the most disturbing thing, because sometimes it runs, but then not forever.

I' m trying to work with this systems and that includes reading pdfs in fact it i so annoying.

Does anyone aren’t able to fix this issue?


ChromeOs doesn' t well then, i’ll choose what to open ebooks with.

I would like to not implement chrome, but that unappetizing a struggle.

Opening pdfs merely consistent, which is really bothersome.

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