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Windows 11-style overlay scrollbars will soon begin testing in Chrome.

Windows 11-style overlay scrollbars will soon begin testing in Chrome.

Microsoft started testing its own version of Chromium's Overlay Scrollbars feature (with the 'Windows 11 style') in Edge back in August and at the time one of Edge's developers said they would try to bring these scrollbars to Chromium as well, but since then there has been no news about it, well, in a new patch in Chromium Gerrit, one of Microsoft's engineers has confirmed that this feature will begin testing soon in Chrome (in Canary I guess):

Fix for overlay scrollbars on YouTube in fullscreen.

This is in preparation for the Win 11 style overlay scrollbars feature which we'll be contributing shortly.

The implementation of 'Windows 11 style' scrollbars in Chrome is also mentioned in the bug associated with the patch:

…(intent-to-implement for Win 11 overlay scrollbars will be posted shortly).

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Once we contribute the new Win 11 style scrollbars to Chromium, it will probably not look the best in full screen

The patch mentioned above basically aims to fix a bug that appears in YouTube's full screen mode when the 'Windows 11-style' scrollbars are enabled, apparently Microsoft engineers want this bug fixed before they start testing these new scrollbars in Chrome.

But how do these 'Windows 11-style' scrollbars work? Well, some time ago I recorded a GIF showing how this feature worked (on Edge it works on both Windows 11 and Windows 10, I guess it will be the same in Chrome):

'Windows 11-style' scrollbars.

'Windows 11-style' scrollbars (GIF).

And this is how Chromium's 'Overlay Scrollbars' feature currently works in Chrome:

'Overlay Scrollbars' feature in Chrome.

Chromium's 'Overlay Scrollbars' feature (GIF).

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